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Hollywood Lashes in a flash! Sympler Eyelash Curler



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Get Hollywood eyelashes the natural way, with the Sympler Eyelash Curler

 The Sympler Eyelash Curler us the ultimate in beauty and glamour tools, safe, quick and simple

Beautifully curled lashes

  • Curved design
  • Silicone rubber pads curl your lashes naturally
  • Easy grip handle

Long lasting curled lashes

  • Creates natural looking, long, beautiful lashes
  • Safe and easy to use
  • Angled design
 The Sympler Eyelash Curler in blue is quick, fast and easy, with a rubber silicone handle
Features And Benefits


Curved Design

Sympler Eyelash Curler features a curved edge so you will never touch, smudge or bump your make up base.


Silicone Rubber Pad

The silicone rubber pad applies the perfect amount of pressure to curl your lashes naturally every time.

 The Eyelash Curler by Sympler is the as seen on TV Curler
Get your as seen on TV Eyelash Curler from Sympler


Easy Grip Handle

Comfortably curl your lashes all day long thanks to the easy grip handle.


Safe and Easy To Use

Curl your lashes with confidence, knowing you won’t damage or break them.


Angled Design

The angled design of the Sympler Eyelash Curler means no matter what your eye shape, you can create beautifully curled lashes.


Colour Blue
Material Stainless steel, silicone
Net Weight 20g
Size 10cm
Get big and bold curled lashes with the Sympler Eyelash Curler