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Sympler Lumi Loo Motion Activated Bathroom Nightlight - Twin Pack



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Sympler Lumi Loo Toilet Night Light

No More Bright Lights!

  • Automatically illuminates
  • Easy installation
  • Static or colour rotation modes available
  • 8 different colour options

8 Different Colours

  • Adjustable flexi arm to fit all toilet bowls
  • Energy saving, auto shut off
  • Easy to clean
  • Perfect for toilet training
Lumi Loo Motion Activated Night Light Toilet Training
Features And Benefits


No more bright lights!

The Sympler Lumi Loo motion activated night light will prevent you being woken up in the middle of the night from bright bathroom lights.


Automatically Illuminates

Lumi loo will automatically illuminate your toilet bowl when you enter the room and shut off 3mins after it lasts detects any motion.

8 Colour Rotating Toilet Night Light
No Bright Lights Bathroom Motion Sensor Activated


Easy Instillation

Sympler Lumi Loo fits all toilets instantly. Adjust the flexi arm and slip it over your toilet bowl with the sensor facing outwards.


8 different colours

The mode button allows you to alternate between a static colour mode with 8 different colour options or unique colour cycle setting for all colours in 1.


Energy Saving

Your Lumi Loo is light sensitive and will only turn on when it senses motion in a dark room. It will also turn off as soon as a bright enough light is turned on nearby.

Lumi Loo LED Coloured Night Light Toilet

Basic Information

Colour White Body
8 colour light rotation
Power 3 x AAA batteries required.
Batteries not included.
Specifications Motion sensor
LED light
Sensor 2-3 meter motion sensor range
120sec duration
Cleaning Clean with antibacterial sprays or wipes