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Sympler Beauty Brush Cleaner



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The Make Up Brush Cleaner to revitalise your make up brushes quickly and easily

 The Sympler Eyelash Curler us the ultimate in beauty and glamour tools, safe, quick and simple

Clean brushes in seconds

  • Super fast make up brush cleaner
  • 8 Silicone brush holders
  • Spin dry your brushes in seconds

Spin to clean, spin to dry

  • Maintains clean brushes
  • Prevents breakouts
  • Stand to hold silicone ends
Sympler Make Up Brush Cleaner

Introducing the all new Sympler Make-up Brush Cleaner, this is the latest product every cosmetic lover must have in their kit! This handy device cleans and dries each make up brush in a matter of seconds leaving them hygienically clean and ready to re-use. Simply, place the brush into the water with soap and spin the brush using the device. With the 8-silicone brush holders you can clean almost every sized make up brush, meaning the whole of your collection can be squeaky clean and ready to re-use. There is even a stand to hold all the silicone ends so you stay organized!

Features And Benefits


8 Size Collars

Simply select the appropriate size collar for your make up brush, and insert it into the holder. There are 8 different sized collars to choose from.


Simply Add Soap

Pour water and a small amount of soap into the cleaning bowl. This will help remove the built up makeup from your brushes, and give you a perfectly clean finish.

Make Up brush cleaner spinning head batteries fast
Make Up brush cleaner as seen on tv famous value easy


Spin To Clean

Place your brush into the bowl, and using the button on the spinning head, spin it into the cleaning mixture. Keep spinning until all the makeup is removed from the brush bristles. The mixture should foam up, become frothy and change colour with the make up.


Spin Dry Your Brush

Once clean, lift the brush just out of the water mixture, and spin dry inside the bowl. Make sure it is kept inside the bowl until it is dry. Once you are happy with the dryness of your brush, take it out of the bowl, remove the collar, and you're done!


Ready To Go

Your brushes will be ready to go again quickly and easily! Clean and ready to make you look amazing! It's super fast and super efficient! 

Make up brush cleaner fast clean hygenic spin dry electric famous popular

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