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Sympler LED Full Frame Beauty Mirror 2 FREE 10x Magnification Mirrors. Buy 1 Get 1 FREE!



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Sympler Beauty Mirror

The LED Illuminated Full Frame magnifying mirror, for that beautiful, Hollywood glamour.


  • 20 Bright LED Lights
  • 180° Rotation
  • Adjustable Axis Position
  • Intelligent Dimmable Touch


  • Light Weight
  • Handy Make-up/Jewelry Tray
  • 10X Magnification Attachment
  • No Distortion
Features And Benefits
Bright Tweeze

The Full Frame Magnifying Mirror features 20 super bright LED lights, giving you the perfect Hollywood glamour look every day. The even distribution of lights allows for a perfectly lit face, making this free-standing mirror suitable for any room in your home.

Features And Benefits


Built In LED Lights

Full Frame Magnifying Mirror has 20 built in LED lights which are intelligently controlled by a touch sensor switch on the Full Frame Mirror


Touch dimmable

Press and hold the button for several seconds to dim the lights to the required level. To brighten them up, press and hold the button a second time.

Press and hold the button for several seconds to dim the lights to the required level
Incredible 10x magnification


180 degree rotation

The Full Frame Mirror can be rotated to a vertical or horizontal position and tilted to any desired angle.
Jewellery can also be stored in the convenient tray on the base of the mirror.


10x Magnification

Suction your magnifying attachment to your Full Frame mirror, or any smooth surface, for an incredible 10x magnification.


Perfect for

popping pimples, applying even make up, plucking eyebrows or taking with you in your bag.


Stainless Steel Blades

The Sympler Bright Tweeze has stainless steel blades with perfectly angled edges to ensure professional precision.


LED Light

The Sympler Bright Tweeze comes complete with an in-built bright and powerful LED light, which allows you to easily see the area you are tweezing.

Perfect for popping pimples, applying even make up


Slender Design

The small and slender design allows for easy storage in your drawer, cabinet, make up bag or even your purse.

Bright Tweeze with Full Frame Mirror
Bright Tweeze with Full Frame Mirror

Basic Information

Colour White
Case Material Plastic
Net Weight 632g
Mirror Size 25cm x 17cm


Size 30x 18 x 11.7cm
Weight 1030g
Products 1 x Makeup Mirror 1 x 10X Magnification Mirror
1 x User Manual