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Sympler Exfoliating Foot File



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The Sympler Exfoliating Foot File is the perfect way to keep your feet looking and feeling healthy.

Healthy Feet Soft Skin

Love your feet

  • Remove dead skin
  • Stop discomfort
  • Improve feet hygiene
  • Beautiful Feet

Keep feet healthy and smooth

  • Health feet
  • Reduce Soreness
  • Good looking feet
Features And Benefits


How to prepare feet for filing

For best results when using your foot file, soak your feet in warm or hot water and add oils, salts, soap or vitamins for best results. After your feet have soaked, dry your feet with a towel. Dry enough for the file to be effective but mist enough to stay soft.


How to use your foot file

Feel for rough spots on areas such as the ball, heel, top of toes and side of your feet. Flex your foot and hold the scrapper against the foot and use in a downward motion. Continue scraping the skin until all areas of the foot are smooth.


How to finish up your feet

Run your hands over your feet and make sure skin is smooth. Moisturize your feet to keep your feet hydrated. For maximum effect massage your feet to increase blood circulation, relax muscles and relieve pain.

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